Wishing you a wonderful summer!
Please join us in the fall for our exciting “Conversation with Women Leaders” Fall 2022 Lecture Series.

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Congratulations to Ms. Eleni Milonas of New York University and Ms. Katherine Phillips of Rutgers University, our well-deserving and inspiring 2022 awardees of the Katerina Navab Excellence Tuition Scholarship in Humanities and the Amalia Colombos Excellence Tuition Scholarship in STEM, respectively.

Our profound gratitude to our distinguished Excellence Tuition Scholarships sponsors, Dr. Aphrodite Navab and Mrs. Katerina Navab, and Mr. Nicholas Colombos and Mrs. Alexandra Colombos for their generosity and support of A.G.A.P.W.’s mission.

A special Thank You to the distinguished Excellence Tuition Scholarships Committees members for their invaluable time and diligence:

— “The Katerina Navab” Excellence Tuition Scholarship in Humanities Committee:
Sophia Catsambis, Ph.D.
Maria Kaliambou, Ph.D.
Katherine Schwab, PhD.
Liana Theodoratou, Ph.D. – Committee Chair
Anna Venetsanos, M.A.

— “The Amalia Colombos” Excellence Tuition Scholarship in STEM Committee:
Eliana Antoniou, Ph.D.
Vassiliki Karantza, Ph.D.
Athena Petropulu, Ph.D.
Anastasia Romanou, Ph.D.
Pannie Trifillis, Ph.D. – Committee Chair

A special Thank You to our sponsors:

— Benefactors —
Dr. Olga Alexakos
Mr. Nicholas Colombos and Mrs. Alexandra Colombos
Dr. Aphrodite Désirée Navab
Mrs. Katerina Navab
Ms. Irene Sarri
Dr. Pannie Trifillis

— Supporters —
Aerial Design and Build
Mr. Paul Lountzis

— Friends —
Dr. Katherine Schwab
Ms. Christina Tenedios
Ms. Maria Tolios

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Past Events

Read about the past events organized by AGAPW:

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